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   05.05.2018: Traxxas E Revo - It's not impossible

Traxxas E Revo brushless runing on the hills
in the national complex expocenter of ukraine, 2018

   04.05.2018: New sound track "It's not impossible" in UNDERWORLD album

   04.05.2018: New sound track "High voltage" in UNDERWORLD album

   21.04.2018: Traxxas E-Revo Brushless - Bashing in X-Park

Fun with Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition
(4S and custom body)

   10.03.2018: New sound track "Do-it" in UNDERWORLD album

   22.02.2018: Traxxas E-Revo Brushless - Running through the snow. Winter 2018

In this video E-Revo running through the snow with paddle tires.
2018 - Ukraine. Kyiv.

   25.02.2018: New sound track "Never stop" in UNDERWORLD album

   18.02.2018: New album and sound track "UNDERWORLD"

   30.01.2017: New sound track "Vampire" in RELAX album

   25.12.2017: Traxxas E-REVO vs 20 centimeters of snow

Traxxas E-Revo brushless is trying to drive through the snow with Louise MT-PIONEER tires.
2017 - Ukraine. Kyiv.
20 centimeters of snow..

   23.10.2017: New sound track "Almighty" in RELAX album

   09.12.2017: New video

Drifting fail with Traxxas Nitro Sport
Drifting fail with Traxxas Nitro Sport
I knew that Nitro Sport with 2wd was a bad option for drift, but wanted to try.
For the test, I made homemade tires for drift.

   03.12.2017: Завершена работа над новым треком

   23.10.2017: Завершена работа над новым треком

   17.10.2017: Завершена работа над новым треком

   22.09.2017: New video

E-Revo eXtreme driving
Traxxas E-Revo brushless edition 6s LiPo. Extreme driving with Pro-Line sling shot tires:

- Backflip. backflips on the speed
- wheele, wall of dust,
- crash...

Car SPEC::

- Extended wheelbase at 19mm ( RPM Extended Rear A-arms set for Summit, Revo & E-Revo )

- HOBBYWING 4274 BL Sensored Motor (2200KV)
- HOBBYWING Xerun Sensored ESC
(Output: Continuous current 150A, burst current 950A.)
- 2 x GENS 11.1v LiPo(3S ) 5000 mAh(55.5Wh), Discharge rate 45C
- SAVOX 36kg servo
- Spoiler "LOUISE
- Pro-Line Sling Shot tires
- Spectrum 4-channel DSMR stabilization receiver
SRS4210 with AVC (Active Vehicle Control)