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RC cars are awesome ! ! !
The lot of fun with RC cars models.
On this channel movies with driving, jumps and other funny trick's with My RC car models...
Radio controlled car models have the most similar driving characteristics to their full-scale versions.
(Of course, in proportion to size)

And now just imagine the most powerful full-scale supercar, which has the power of an engine that accelerates the car on the rear wheels.
And now the question: is it possible at the moment of such acceleration, when the front wheels are in the air and the car accelerates on the rear wheels, increase the acceleration by so much so that the rear wheels outrun the front wheels with such acceleration that will allow them to fly around the front wheels by inertia. So that car make a back flip? And car after such back flip returns to the wheels.?

It is difficult to imagine and seems impossible, but it will theoretically i agree with the fact that under certain conditions it is possible (if you having an impeccable balance of car weight, power and contact with the road surface)

And what do you say about making such flip back on the sand? ...
Yes, all this is possible and present in my movies....

RC Video compilation vol.1 (2016)

RC Video compilation vol.2 (2017)

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    5.11.2018 - Most amazing RC Cars compilation

    Best remote control cars or rc car video compilation from my RC movies of the year 2018. RC Video compilation vol.3

    0.07.2018 - ECO Track - Первый месяц. Summer Cup 2018

    Первый месяц работы ECO Track. - Summer RC Cup 2018 - Тренировки, - Немного баша Украина, Киев, ВДНХ 16-й павильон.

    1.06.2018 - Himoto MAYHEM on the new ECO TRACK in Ukraine

    Testing new Ukrainian ECO Track in Kyiv on the Himoto MAYHEM with little modification like a buggy. 2S LiPo , Spoiler. Without body.

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    5.05.2018 - Traxxas E Revo - It's not impossible

    Traxxas E Revo brushless runing on the hills in the national complex expocenter of ukraine, 2018

    1.04.2018 - Traxxas E-Revo Brushless - Bashing in X-Park

    Fun with Traxxas E-Revo Brushless Edition (4S and custom body)

    2.02.2018 - Traxxas E-Revo Brushless - Running through the snow. Winter 2018

    In this video E-Revo running through the snow with paddle tires.

    5.12.2017 - Traxxas E-REVO vs 20 centimeters of snow

    Traxxas E-Revo brushless is trying to drive through the snow with Louise MT-PIONEER tires. 2017 - Ukraine. Kyiv. 20 centimeters of snow.

    9.12.2017 - Drifting fail with Traxxas Nitro Sport

    I knew that Nitro Sport with 2wd was a bad option for drift, but wanted to try. For the test, I made homemade tires for drift.

    2.09.2017 - Traxxas E-Revo 6S eXtreme driving with sling shot tires

    Traxxas E-Revo brushless edition 6s LiPo. Extreme driving with Pro-Line sling shot tires: - Backflip. backflips on the speed - wheele, wall of dust, - crash... Car SPEC:: - Extended wheelbase at 19mm ( RPM Extended Rear A-arms set for Summit, Revo & E-Revo ) - HOBBYWING 4274 BL Sensored Motor (2200KV) - HOBBYWING Xerun Sensored ESC (Output: Continuous current 150A, burst current 950A.) - 2 x GENS 11.1v LiPo(3S ) 5000 mAh(55.5Wh), Discharge rate 45C - SAVOX 36kg servo - Spoiler "LOUISE - Pro-Line Sling Shot tires - Spectrum 4-channel DSMR stabilization receiver SRS4210 with AVC (Active Vehicle Control)

    0.09.2017 - Impressive power of Himoto Mayhem

    Onroad driving with modified radio controlled short course truck. model E8SCL Himoto Mayhem Brushless 1/8 scale - Impressive power - incredibly fast acceleration - frightening sound of electric saws.

    0.09.2017 - Night ride with traxxas E Revo

    Driving at the night on the Traxxas E-Revo brushless. and lightning strike along the way.

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